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Contec, Inc. is the recognized global leader in surface preparation products for critical paint and surface finishing applications.

Contec is based in the United States in Spartanburg, South Carolina with a second manufacturing plant in China. Because its products are used in aerospace and industrial facilities across North America and Europe, Contec is used to stringent guidelines and regulations. Surface cleaning and preparation prior to painting or before applying sealants are just two of the many tasks performed with Contec products. A full range of wipes offers reliability and consistency for error-free surface preparations.

Contec is dedicated to being the leader in developing and manufacturing innovative cleaning products for use in critical environments. Its flexible manufacturing environment allows it to easily customize products to customers’ specific requirements.

Packaging, wiper size, wiper shape, solvent choice and saturation configurations can vary.

Production performance

  • SATWipes GroupStandardize cleaning and preparation operations
  • Reduce paint defects and improve the quality and speed of the production line
  • Ready to use packaging minimizes any chance of cross-contamination
  • Very easy to use and store
  • Global cost reduction (hazardous waste cost, process cost)

Environmental performance

  • Large reduction of solvent quantity used
  • Large reduction in VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions
  • Large reduction in hazardous solid waste

With Socomore, they have developed SOCOWIPES line. A high performance technical wipes which offer significant benefits over paper and cotton wipes. Simply switching to these products can allow users to reduce solvent usage and hazmat waste by up to 50%. Click here for more information.



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