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Haas FineChem
(Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

355 Kang Qiao East Road
Kang Qiao Industrial Zone
PuDong, Shanghai, PR China 201315
Phone: +86 1350 16 14 363
Contact: mchen@haascorp.com

IMG_1918Specialized in providing chemicals and environmental management services.

In 1999 and 2002, Haas FineChem (China) invested in companies in Shanghai and Chongqing respectively in order to provide better services of chemical management, in particular water treatment and its process-control chemicals provision, specialty chemical products and on-site management in China.

Haas Finechem (Shanghai) Co. have main operation and several operation warehouse at China. We are helping our Aerochemicals’ members with Chemicals Logistics, Sales Support and Customer Service.

We offer a real opportunity for our fellow members to setup a low cost way to be present in one of the world’s most developing markets.


– Benefit from international coverage.
– Benefit from working with the most demanding customers.
– Benefit from optimised technical and economical solutions.
– Benefit from independent business agreements between different partners.
– Benefit from a common marketing strategy.