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Socomore is specialized in the development of chemical solutions for surface preparation, it has more than 40 years of know-how in the aerospace industry.

Based in France, Socomore has 13 subsidiaries around the world (Germany, Spain ,Poland, UK, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Russia, USA, Canada, Ireland, France…).

It offers a wide range of expert solutions for treating, preparing and protecting metal and composite materials for manufacture and maintenance industry.

All of their products are the fruit of the R&D department and their partnership with other members.

They provide solutions whose environmental performance complies with regulatory changes in the area of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE). And their research is steered towards programs to reduce VOC*s emissions and monitoring regulations like CMR*, REACH*…

*VOC: Volatile Organic Compounds
*CMR: Carcinogenic Mutagenic and Reprotoxic
*REACH: European Legislation, Registration Evaluation and Autorisation of Chemicals


Socomore offers the best solutions for surface preparation to:Canister leaflet

  • Manufacturers (OEM)
    • Aircrafts, helicopters manufacturers
    • Aircraft engine manufacturers
    • Metallic or composite parts manufacturers
  • Subcontractors and maintenance actors (MRO) for fuselage, engine, equipment
  • Airlines to maintain and repair their fleets

Most of the following range of products is approved by aerospace key players:

  • CIC (Corrosion Inhibiting Compound) withSOCOPAC products
  • Paint strippers and plastic media withSOCOSTRIP products
  • Degreasers and cleaners with SOCOCLEAN products
  • Deoxidizers with SOCOSURF products
  • Engine line
  • De-waxing
  • Pre-saturated and technical wipes with SOCOSAT, SATWIPES ranges
  • Chemical milling maskants
  • TPC (Temporary Protective Compounds)
  • Formulated solvents with DIESTONE range
  • SOCOGEL range
  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Adhesives

Socomore has a partnership with Contec to develop SOCOWIPES, a line of high performance technical wipes which can reduce waste by over 50%.


– Benefit from international coverage.
– Benefit from working with the most demanding customers.
– Benefit from optimised technical and economical solutions.
– Benefit from independent business agreements between different partners.
– Benefit from a common marketing strategy.