Aerochemicals is a global alliance of independent specialists in industrial chemicals for the aerospace industry and is committed to providing products and technical support to multinational customers with global needs.

aerochemicals is

An alliance of independent specialists
A truly worldwide coverage network
A range of products wide enough to cover most of the industry’s critical chemical needs

How we are organised

We respect the alliance’s charter.
We respect fellow member’s strategies and support them when possible.
We participate in Aerochemicals annual meeting.
We participate in the strategies and decisions made to support the alliance.
We pay an annual fee to support the alliance.

What are our objectives

To build a global partnership based on trust and mutual success.
To gain international recognition.
To reach new accounts.
To share critical strategic information on the aerospace market.
To reduce overall sales costs.
To help each other to provide a better service to the aerospace market.

The Charter

In order to explain and organise the Aerochemicals’ projects, a charter has been created.  This charter documents its usefulness to members and customers.

This document defines the organisation, the key issues and the expectations of the alliance and it is approved by all members.

Aerochemicals Members


– Benefit from international coverage.
– Benefit from working with the most demanding customers.
– Benefit from optimised technical and economical solutions.
– Benefit from independent business agreements between different partners.
– Benefit from a common marketing strategy.