We offer lubricants manufactured to the highest standards as well as cost-effective and customized solutions to meet the need of our customers for high performance products.

Turbine and piston engines oils:

STD/SPC jet engine oil: TURBONYCOIL® 600

Lubricating oils for piston engines: TURBONYCOIL® 3560 / 3570

Preservation oil for maintenance tasks or storage: TURBONYCOIL® 3516

Low temperature oil for operation in cold weather and accessories: APU restart in flight, RAT, flap and slat gearbox unit, THS: TURBONYCOIL® 160

Multi-purpose and specific greases for airframe, landing gears, wheels, instruments:

Multi-purpose grease for all airframes: NYCO GREASE® GN 148

High temperature range grease for wheel bearings: NYCO GREASE® GN 3058

MIL-G-25013 E specification grease: NYCO GREASE® GN 25013

Shock strut fluids for landing gears and helicopter system fluids:

Fluids dedicated to Boeing aircraft in operation, after overhaul and under storage: HYDRAUNYCOIL® FH 5AW / FH 6AW

Synthetic shock strut fluid: HYDRAUNYCOIL® FH 42

Helicopter and fighter hydraulic systems fluid: HYDRAUNYCOIL® FH 2

Specialty lubricants and additives:

Anti-seize compound for assembly and dismantling: NYCO 83483

Corrosion preventive compound: NYCOPROTEC 8131

Lubricating grease or assembly compound for synthetic rubber seals, bonding surfaces: NYCO 65 Vaseline

Graphited anti-seize compound for threads, bolts, nuts and spark plugs: NYCO GREASE® GN GA 47

Lubricating powder against friction and wear: NYCO 4223

Water miscible metalworking fluids:

Based on different formulation concept for different metals and materials like glass, fiber composites, plastics or ceramics.

Soluble or Emulsifiable

Non Water miscible metalworking fluids:

Can be provided by different based oil techonology from ML lubrication


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