We are at MRO Europe (October 13-15)

andpak_lEarlier this year Andpak was very pleased to announce its membership of the Aerochemicals Alliance, it’s a great way for Andpak to expand its network and find new potential partners and channels to market.

Andpak is a successful specialty repackager of high value chemical products into fit for purpose packaging formats. Packs filled include cartridges, pouches, tubes, Semkits, wipes, bottles and tins. Andpak’s Zip-Chem branded line of aviation chemicals is approved by all the major aerospace designers including Airbus and Boeing. Products include corrosion inhibitors, adhesion promoters, cleaners, paint removers and a wide variety of OEM and MRO application chemical products.

All new members of the Aerochemicals Alliance are encouraged to share the news of their membership at important exhibitions that they are participating in. October 2015 the MRO Europe Show in London, Andpak is exhibiting at its booth #185 and will be showcasing its membership of the Aerochemicals Alliance.

We are looking forward to meeting you at the show!!