NYCO – Head Office
66 Avenue des Champs Elysées
BP 414 75008 PARIS
Phone: +33 (0)1 45 61 50 00


NYCO is a worldwide-recognized manufacturer of synthetic esters and specialty lubricants for Aeronautics, Defence and Industry.

A French independent and privately-owned company, NYCO is the sole European producer of aviation lubricants and expert in the development and manufacturing of high-performance synthetic ester base-stocks and additives.

With 3 production facilities, 7 affiliates or offices worldwide and a large network of agents and distributors, NYCO exports 82% of its sales in over 100 countries.

NYCO delivers high quality products, mostly tailored-made, with a first class customer support and technical expertise. Since the 1960s when we delivered the first solution to the Mirage fighter lubrication problems, we have been continuously investing in R&D to develop the most innovative products combining safety and environmental performance.

NYCO is certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Snecma FAL603 : YQL 02226.

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Our Products

NYCO provides an exhaustive range of solutions to OEMs, airlines, aircraft manufacturers, MROs and distributors. Its lubricants are qualified and approved by engine manufacturers, OEMs and authorities, and meet the most demanding international specifications (SAE, MIL-PRF-…).

NYCO’s products include: 

Civil aviation lubricants:
– Turbine oils for engines, APU and others,
– Hydraulic fluids for systems and shock strut fluids,
– Multipurpose and specific greases.

Defence lubricants:
– Military lubricants for Air, Ground & Navy Forces,
– Ground gas turbines lubricants (aero derivative turbines).


– Benefit from international coverage.
– Benefit from working with the most demanding customers.
– Benefit from optimised technical and economical solutions.
– Benefit from independent business agreements between different partners.
– Benefit from a common marketing strategy.