NDT - Non Destructive Testing



Liquid dye penetrant testing

Magnetic particles testing

UV light

Ultrasound and Radiography


Key differentiating factors

The best non - destructive testing materials, equipment and services are offert worldwide by aerochemicals partners (SherwinBabbCo, Metal Chek and Testron).

Liquid dye penetrant testing information

Water-washable fluorescent penetrants                                       

Post-emulsifiable fluorescent penetrants

Water-based / Surfactant based fluorescent penetrants


Visible Dye Penetrants                                                                                     and more...     

Magnetic particles testing information   

Magnetic powder fluid, fluorescent (Oil suspension)

Magnetic powder fluid, fluorescent (Water suspension)

Magnetic powder fluid, dual fluo/red

Magnetic powder fluid, black (Oil suspension)                                                    and more...


UV light information

 UV-a Led lamps

White lighting                                                                                                 and more...

Ultrasound and Radiography information


Fosfomatic (filmless x-ray)

Equipment information



Lighting accesories



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