Published 2nd June, 2012

SOCOMORE attended the 19th international conference on surface treatment in the aeronautic and aerospace industries, SURFAIR (Biarritz, France, May 31- June 1, 2012).

The SURFAIR conference is dedicated to manufacturers, airlines companies, suppliers, materials and surface treatment experts. Every other year and during two days SURFAIR offers the opportunity to meet professionals and exchange information about: special processes, sol-gel applications, metal parts preparation, environmental challenges...

Socomore presented the evolution of its sol-gel ranges SOCOGEL and its solutions to reduce VOC emissions (Volatile Organic Compound) during surface preparation (VOC-free solvents, pre-saturated wipes and water-based solutions with no VOCs) and introduced introduce its latest developments in bath or gel chemical paint stripping solutions, deoxidisers, descalers, degreasers, and de-moulding agents for composite part moulds.


The 2012 conference focused on Innovative Surface Treatments facing environmental challenges :

- Chemical products for new surface properties (anti-icing, self cleaning, hydrophobic, anti-erosion, self healing
- Environmentally friendly surface treatments (chromium, cadmium substitutes)
- New developments in surface treatments (sol-gel coatings technologies & applications, rivet rash, ionic liquid)

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