18th WCNDT opens today in Durban

Published 16th April 2012

The 18th World Conference on Non Destructive Testing has opened today in Durban, South Africa.

Aerochemicals’ NDT specialists, together with Sherwin Inc. will welcome you on booth n°59, until Friday, April 20th.

Sherwin BabbCo, Metal Chek of Brazil and Testron are gold sponsors of the event, “a great opportunity for Aerochemicals’members to meet the global NDT industry, showcase their exciting new technologies and show potential customers from around the world their products in a “hands on” setting”, according to Marc Desvignes (Sherwinn Babbco).

This event is attended by a large number of experienced and renowned scientists and professionals in this field to share and discuss their experiences and opinions for suggesting ways of environmentally friendly ways of scientific testing.

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